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Roofing Consultants

What Consultancy Services Do You Offer?

If you are considering repairing or replacing your roof we can offer an independent survey and recommendations as to the best course of action. If you do need to replace your roof then we can also produce a specification that you can take to tender.

Why Would I Need These Services?

Your roof will not necessarily need replacing just because it is old or leaking. Often there can be a more cost-effective solution. You should first factually determine what needs to be done as it may be possible to extend your roof's service life for several more years! Because we are completely independent roofing consultants, we can devise the best strategy for your roof, potentially saving you huge amounts of time and money.

If you are considering replacing your old roof you need to take care. Some companies offer free surveys but all too often these are driven by sales commissions. You may receive a hasty recommendation that the roof needs to be replaced - but this could be motivated be the prospect of earning commissions on premium rate products; so it might turn out that a "free" survey is not so free after all!

Our roofing consultants have the relevant experience to assess the actual condition of the roof and will give you completely independent and authoritative advice on what to do with the roof. This may include annual integrity testing and localised repairs, thermographic surveys or leak investigations to determine the scope of targeted repairs to stop a leak.

However, if the roof has surpassed its useful life expectancy we will inform you and - if you need us to - we can prepare specifications so you can obtain competitive prices for the roofing works and avoid some of the pitfalls of "free" surveys.

Why Should I Use Tyrrell & Jenkins Consultancy?

We have a proven track record of:

  • Independent, impartial advice on building and envelope issues.
  • Distinguished contracts including government, statutory and commercial sites.
  • Rapid, reliable service that gets to the root of the problem.
  • Excellent customer service and consistently satisfied clients.

When Should I Call You?

If your roof's warranty is due to end, the roof is old and you are contemplating replacing it or you have roof leaks, it's time to call us in. Our advice can often prevent unnecessary expenditure on a new roof when an alternative long-term solution can be found.

Our friendly, professional team of roofing consultants will be happy to discuss your situation with you and provide a quote with no obligation. Just get in touch for no-hassle help and advice.