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Leak Investigations

What are Leak Investigations?

A leak investigation is a bespoke testing regime. It is designed to pinpoint where leaks occur by systematically testing parts of the building construction, allowing you to then undertake repairs so that the problem can be permanently resolved.

How Does It Work?

Simulated rainfall testing is carried out across key points in the building fabric that are commensurate and proximate to the leaks. Leak investigations take place from the lowest rainwater outlets to highest ridges or cappings and copings to pinpoint from where the leaks originate.

Coloured tracers are often used as they provide invaluable assistance in tracing the leak causes.

What Can Leak Investigations Detect?

  • Leaks from couplings in rainwater pipework or at the interfaces of outlets.
  • Leaks in roof waterproofings or coverings.
  • Leaks through cladding, curtain walling and glazing.
  • Leaks through any other part of the building construction.

Where and When Should It Be Used?

A leak investigation can help to detect the source of leaks in any conceivable element of your building's fabric. This enables remedial action, prevents further damage, and protects you against future repair costs as well as any loss of revenue due to facilities closure.

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