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Roof & Floor Dewatering

What is Dewatering?

Dewatering is the process of forcibly extracting entrapped water from the underlying construction of roofs or floors. This allows the affected area to dry out so that no further damage occurs. Repairs can then be undertaken to stop the leak recurring without having to strip everything out and replace it - saving you thousands of pounds.

How Does It Work?

For roof dewatering and floor dewatering, a probe inserted into the wet or damp part of the roof or floor and is then connected to a vacuum pump, so that the water can be sucked out. A systematic process application ensures that the entire area is dewatered. Extraction rates are carefully monitored to ensure that all water is successfully removed.

What Will the Process Achieve?

  • The removal of water to dry out any damp or wet insulation.
  • The prevention of leaks into the building below the roof or floor.
  • The protection of roof waterproofing or floor finishes to prevent blistering or bubbling.

Where and When Should It Be Used?

Dewatering is the ideal solution when water becomes entrapped in sub-surface structures like roofs and floors. Roof dewatering and floor dewatering is often used in conjunction with our other leak detection services, so that the cause can be located and rectified and recurrence can be prevented.

Over the years, this technique has successfully extracted many thousands of litres of water from hundreds of roofs and floors. Talk to our team to find out more and get a no-obligation quote.